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........... the college and from other institutes are invited to address them. Seminars offer the students an opportunity to break the monotony of class-room lessons, to listen to different scholars, to exercise creative intellectual skills and develop different educational methods.

Teaching Practice

          Every student compulsorily will be completed 40 days in teaching in High School or Higher Secondary School as directed by the Principal. The whole-hearted involvement of the student teachers will be highly anticipated while they will go for intensive teaching practice. The Lectures concern will seriously viewed into the matter if any trainee does not Co-operate with the system.

Computer Education

          The Computer has become the most amazing bearing as well as teaching tool ever invented. Hence Computer Education will be the art of the curriculum in the College of Education. Every student will be provided with a computer with Internet accessibility. Moreover the computer lab of this college is large with seating capacity for 50 students at one time. That makes group computer education possible. To make themselves into effective and efficient persons at school and at home, the future teachers are expected to avail themselves of the facility offered at this college.

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